Our 1St RV Maps Project

Our first RV Maps Project was great! Met some wonderful people in Ringgold, Louisiana!

We were blessed to hear Ed Kepplinger preach one Sunday and then I was honored to bring the message on the next Sunday!

Of course we voluntered during the week. We😜(well,A.B)redid the bathroom in parsonage, installing a shower, moving and resetting toilet. We did lots of painting.(Carol)
We really enjoyed working with Jim and Jackie Myers, Ed & Glenda Kepplinger.
Can’t leave out Tommy & Diane Hobson, who came up to Ringgold, even though he is recovering from a procedure.
We also spent the night in ‘Hobsonville,’ bought some cool things from the Thrift Shop, visited the church, and ate some great shrimp(Carol) and crawfish (AB)
We met Pastor Martha Grigg,her daughter Cindy,and her husband Greg at the RV Convention in October. We were inspired by the presentation asking for help as their church that had been destroyed by a tornado. I believe we made life long friends with this family, even met many of Martha’s family and helped them celebrate her birthday!
We love retirement! Love living the Blessed Life.

Living the Dream

We are leaving Okeechobee, Florida, for now. We may be back because RV Maps volunteers are here. The job coordinator graciously gave us a tour of the Real Life Children’s Ranch. They take in children who need a foster home. A wonderful ministry.

Okeechobee is an interesting place to visit. They have a big lake! Lol, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Lake Okeechobee is the largest natural freshwater lake in Florida! The eight largest freshwater lake in the United States. 730 square miles with average depth of 9 feet.

We went on a tour of the lake and watched fisherman and women catching fish, one after another. Many of the boats had up to fifty poles at a time. Again no exaggeration.

We were also told they had to impose a limit of 25 per day. This is the best time of the year to fish. But, if you come beware this is a very shallow lake and you can easily lose your way without a compass.

We were surprised to see a lot of ranches here and lots of cattle. Great farming here as well with very rich soil. We saw Sugar Cane, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage! All within a few miles from West Palm Beach.

The ocean at West Palm Beach is about 1 hr away and the beach is beautiful.

Plenty of places to stay in Okeechobee, RV Family. We stayed at Silver Palms RV Resort. Very Friendly folks from all over staying the summer here. Beautiful resort!Also KOA right across the street that has a golf course. Great visit!

Living the Dream!


“Leadership is about make others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact last in your absence.”

I wish I had said that! It is actually a inspiring quote I pulled from a book I’m currently reading, ‘Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,’ by Sheryl Sandburg.

This quote made me think about my relationships, places I’ve visited, job I’ve had, ministries I’ve lead.

As a result of my presence will I leave things better than before? Will there be a lasting impact after I leave?

In order to make that happen I have to be aware of my surroundings. I have to intentionally be committed to excellence. I have to impart to others before I depart.

In coaching others, I’ve been known to say, ” Even ordinary ability when focused excels. Imagine what we could do if we were extra-ordinary!”

If we just made ordinary ability work for us, we would be the smartest one in the room. Imagine what you could do if you supernaturally inspired! You could change the atmosphere.

You could make things better! You could make sure your impact lasted. You would be a example of good leadership.

How are we supernaturally inspired?Through belief in Jesus Christ.

We believe by faith that he is the son of God. We believe he died a sacrificial death to redeem us. We believe he rose again and is now seated on the right hand side of God and we are seated with him.

We are super-natural. To me that means we are Spirit led people. Our natural flesh submits to the Spirit of the Living God. Holy Spirit governs the lives of all who worship God in Spirit and in truth.

When that transformation takes place, when we surrender to God, we are given dominion and authority to regulate our lives, not the lives of other.

We will become true followers of Jesus Christ. In that, we can’t help but to be leaders in the earth. We can’t help but change the atmosphere as a result of our presence. We will impact others for the greater good.

Loud and Clear

There is an old saying, ” What you do is so loud, I can’t hear what you say. ”

That is a great reminder. Actions speak louder than words.

This is not meant to be negative toward anyone, because actions can be misread. Facial expressions can be misjudged. It’s meant to help us think about who we are and what we are demonstrating to others.

My example is Jesus. Jesus is the word of God in the flesh. Just one of the things that makes that fact meaningful to me, is that I can read scripture and even if he didn’t say a word, the truth would still be evident.

Just reading his actions is enough for me to believe and follow.

He prayed to his father and valued his word and relationship. Fought the devil in the wilderness and came out victorious. He went about doing good. He healed people. He fed people. He taught people. He wept with people. He treated people as valuable. He respected his elders. When the time came, he gave his life on a old rugged cross. He never quit loving God and man. He rose again and was seen by those who knew him. He showed himself alive.

All this in action not words! Who he is speaks loud and clear!

It might be a great exercise this week to let your actions speak for you! Just a thought!

It might be fun to just sit back and observe. Let people’s action show you who they are!

Better yet, let your actions speak for you. For good or bad, let the truth be what it is.

Finally, if your actions falsely represent your heart, then make a change. Be brave! Be you!

If you do this, please click on my link and share your results on my blog. I would love to hear about it!

Get your hopes up!

I often hear someone say, “Don’t get your hopes up!”

That’s so opposite of how hope functions!Hope does not disappoint. Hope rejoices and motivates our faith!

If that is not your experience, it could help to check your foundation. It is possible to have ‘false hope.’

Biblical hope does not disappoint. It has been poured out into our hearts, by the Holy Spirit. Peace with God was given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom we also have access by faith, into grace which we stand, therefore we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Did you notice the connection?

Love poured out, by Holy Spirit. Peace with God given by Jesus, which also gives access by faith, in to grace, which is our foundation. Having all that brings joy in hope of the Glory of God.

That describes partnership!

We are not alone! We have assurance that even when we are weak, we have strength standing with us.

God’s love has been demonstrated to us and it’s a fact that he justified us, while we were still sinners. Therefore, hope has to be based on His sacrifice not ours!

His love sacrificed for us. When we value his sacrifice, we will make the object of our faith, the Glory of God.

If we are in false hope, problems will cast it down.

If it’s biblical hope, it will cast problems down.

If it’s false hope, it will create faith in the wrong things. It will magnify what you can do.

If it’s biblical hope, it will magnify what God can do.

Great trouble will eliminate false hope!

So rejoice, when things don’t always work out. Rejoice when you think that person who hung the moon walks away.

Don’t get it twisted!

If you are in truth, great trouble produces perseverance , which in turn produces character, and character moves us into hope. Hope partners with faith and faith triumphs in trouble.

Biblical hope values the word of God. It aligns you with the glory of God.

If the glory of God is not your ultimate goal, then continue on… You are not a Christian soldier.

Ouch! I know, I ripped that band-aid right off! Honesty makes no apology for truth. It smarts! It often ticks you off, right before it sets you free!

There are far too many trying to work His principals for their gain, and not His glory. In the end they may gain the world but they can’t sustain it. When the fire comes, and it is coming, it will destroy everything that does not glorify Him.

We might as well pitch out the hay and stubble ourselves. We might as well take our own self to the wood shed. If we don’t we won’t survive God’s threshing floor.

You are either for him or against him. Your vision is either for your glory or his glory. He has given you freedom to choose. But you cannot have both. You just can’t.

Be a Christian soldier, or fight for the other side. Don’t try to be both. It’s not a option. Agree or disagree that is your choice, but I have decided to follow Jesus.